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The Characteristics Of Cantilevere Shelves With The Development Of The Shelf Industry

Jan 27, 2018

In recent years, with the continuous development of the warehousing and logistics industry, China's shelf industry is growing, gradually cantilevered shelves are also more popular. Cantilever shelves are formed by the cantilever on the column, cantilever can be fixed, it can be moved. Below we look at the characteristics of cantilevere shelves.

   1. Pipe, sheet storage and more use. Cantilevered shelves for storing long material, ring material, sheet, pipe and irregular goods.

   2. Cantilever Rack H beam or cold-rolled steel column to use more, the use of square tube cans, cans of cold-rolled steel or H-beam, cantilever and column between the use of plug-in or bolt-type connection between the base and column bolted, base Cold-rolled steel or H-beam.

   3. Cantilever can be single or double, cantilevered shelves with structural stability, good load capacity, space utilization and higher characteristics.

   4. Cargo access by forklift, driving or manual. The shelf height is usually within 2.5 m (up to 6 m if accessed by forklift), the cantilever length is within 1.5 m and the load per arm is usually within 1000 kg.

   After years of continuous development of cantilevered shelves, and gradually keep up with the development needs of the shelves industry, becoming one of the most widely used shelves.

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