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The Current Storage Shelves In China's Growing Market, What Is The Reason

Feb 26, 2018

First of all, let's first understand the role of warehousing shelves in order to understand why the demand for storage shelves in our market will be growing. Shelf plays a very important role in the modern logistics activities. The warehouse management wants to realize the modernization and automation, and has the close relation with the kind and function of the warehouse shelves.

Although the current shelf industry in China is still in rapid development stage, but with the foreign shelf industry companies stationed in China, will inevitably show some new development characteristics.


First of all, at present, the technology of China's shelf industry is single, and there is no corresponding industry standard. The industry area is relatively concentrated. The demand unit only has the opportunity to choose different shelf suppliers. There is no opportunity to choose different shelves because the shelf industry The same products. And foreign stationed with the industry, there must be differences in product quality shelves, then competition will inevitably intensified!

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Second, as more foreign capital is injected into China's market, it is inevitable that more and more enterprises will regulate their operations and enhance their efficiency from the third source of profit in logistics. More and more people will gradually realize the need for shelves The demand for shelves by various enterprises is also growing.

Thirdly, the all-round opening-up will inevitably bring about the diversification of needs and there will be a nationwide presence, which will inevitably lead to the gradual diffusion of the shelf industry from the present concentration to the entire country. At present, the domestic understanding of the shelf industry is not high, there are many places such as the northeast and northwest regions, do not understand the shelf, do not know the shelf, still in the stage do not know what they need. However, with the continuous development of economy in our country, the deeper the enterprises know about the logistics and warehousing, the demand for the shelves will also increase with each passing day. The display shelves means the cabinets, racks, cabinets and boxes And other appliances. According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China's storage shelves manufacturers have risen to nearly 300, the storage industry was in continuous development!


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