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The Foot Plate For Heavy-duty Storage Racks

Jun 05, 2017

Foot plates for storage shel and mezzanine floor

Foot plates for storage racks are actually the base of the upright, this serves as a support and stabilizer to give the racking system more stability. 

This means the anchor bolts are drilled though the footplates holes which attaches to the column then goes through to the concrete floor. 

The footp lates are made up of thicker steel these footplates have to match up to the requirement such as, they must be of a certain size and seismic rating. These footpads increase the pallet racking systems overall stability and overall weight bearing capacity.

Lianhezhongbang storage racks-we used the size 100*80*2.5mm for medium-duty storage racks.

The size of 160*110*3.5mm for Zhongshan warehouse heavy-duty storage racks.

The size of 200*160*5.0mm for upright post mezzanine combination.

The storage racks should match right foot plate to ensure the shelf stable.If you match the wrong foot plate.

It's very important for us to choose the right foot plate for right shelves.