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The Functions Of Warehouse & The Contents Of Warehouse Planning

1.       The functions of warehouse

The place store goods is called warehouse,and the management of goods which store in warehouse is called warehouse management.Warehouse management at least contain the following functions:

(1)     Management of in and out materials, semi-finished products and finished products;

(2)     Classification,arrangement and keeping of materials, semi-finished products and finished products;

(3)     Supply the necessary materials for production and make good service;

(4)     Material accounts are kept in line with the accounts.

2.       Warehouse Planning

(1)     Reasonable layout of warehouse;

(2)     Warehouse development strategy and scale, such as warehouse expansion, transformation tasks, warehouse throughput, storage capacity growth;

(3)     The mechanization development level and technological transformation direction of warehouse, such as mechanization of warehouse and level of automation, etc.;

(4)     The main economic indicators of the main equipment such as warehouse, warehouse utilization, labor productivity, warehouse storage capacity and throughput of material turnover rate, storage capacity utilization, storage and transportation, storage and transportation quality cost reduction rate.

Therefore, the warehouse planning is based on the reasonable layout of the warehouse and the correct selection of the library site, the overall design of the reservoir area, the construction scale of the warehouse and the storage and storage technology level of the warehouse are determined.