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The Most Cost-effective Warehouse Shelf Design Prices

Feb 10, 2018

In recent years, with the decline in vehicle prices, increased competition among industries, the rising cost of raw materials procurement and the impact of international giants, China's auto parts enterprises are also facing unprecedented pressure and challenges.


 For enterprises, to speed up the reaction speed, reduce costs and improve product quality of service is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises the main means to optimize the various aspects of the enterprise is imminent. As the third profit source of the enterprise, logistics plays a key role in reducing the logistics cost of the enterprise and improving the logistics efficiency of the enterprise. Warehousing as a major part of logistics, the entire supply chain system plays a major role.



 The effective management of the storage of automotive parts depends mainly on the rationality of the layout of the facilities. The use of reasonable methods for the planning and construction of automobile parts warehousing, storage area to achieve the optimal layout of the optimal distribution and cargo space for reducing logistics costs, improve operational efficiency and meet customer needs is of great significance Enterprise Storage System The rationalization of the storage space for efficient use and logistics efficiency and cost control is of great significance. In this paper, DA company spare parts warehousing system as the research object, from the warehouse storage strategy and cargo space optimization of two aspects.



Based on the analysis of the status quo of distribution of DA's spare parts warehousing, the paper analyzes the status quo of warehousing and storage by means of EIQ analysis, aiming at the problems of storage strategy and the inefficiency of operation.