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The Most Popular Rack Of 4S Shop- Mezzanine Rack

The rack of 4S shop is also called auto parts rack or car shelf. According to the features of brand of cars and the area and requirements of warehouse,4S shop usually use combined structure(mezzanine rack+medium duty rack). For the characteristics of the automotive industry spare parts and storage form, designed for its storage professional 4S shop shelves. General monolayer area of about 150 square meters, using two or three lofts. According to the size and weight of the car spare parts, 4S shop mezzanine shelves are divided into sub-large, in pieces, small pieces, ultra-small pieces and other shelves. According to the differences of layer number and load capacity and some of the special parts, it’s divided into tires, belts, exhaust pipes and other shelves. Each layer of unit shelf bearing capacity of 200-400kg range, beautiful appearance.

As the big development of automobile manufacturing industry, 4S shop shelf development is getting hot. The many features of the mezzanine racking makes the 4S shop mezzanine shelving  stand out and are widely used in the automotive industry. 

Most of the 4S shop shelves used in the form of mezzanine shelves, mainly because the mezzanine shelf not only can make good use of the warehouse space,and can also classify the goods clearly. At the same time, compared with the general mezzanine racks, there are more kinds of shelves and more complicated structures in 4S stores. 4S shop mezzanine shelves can also be based on the car manufacturers of the CI logo, the corresponding color is arranged on the surface of the shelf so that the product can be distinguished clearly.