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The Network Marketing Salon For Storage Racks

Apr 25, 2017

The Network Marketing Salon For Storage Racks

The Internet marketing salon was held on the fourth floor conference.

Guest:【Course Network Business School students and teachers】


The purpose of web promotion is that allow many potential clients to find us through the web.And they can get information about products and services through the website and provide support for the final formation for purchasing decisions.We know that more and more people find the network to promote their company.

Presenter introduction in product are pallet rack,mezzanine with pallet rack combination and so on for 14years.Rack mezzanine can take advantage of the warehouse utilization .If your original warehouse space area has 500 square delivery space.You can build a compartment platform, composed of warehouse storage compartment shelf platform.The warehouse can be divided up into two levels ,then flat three-dimensional space utilization to 90%, So this can help you save money than rent a new warehouse.The picture as below show:


Manufacturing Workshop Show To The Clients


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