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The Production Process For Mold Racks

As we all know that the mold goods shelf is named mold racks.Mold shelf is essential for business management in many area.The Mold shelf help many enterprises solved chaos placed mold things and save storage save money.There are many benefice about Mechanical mold shelves.

Upright Post is the main frame for mold shelf of 10#Channel Steel,1 pillar auxiliary equipment has three oblique rod and two horizontal tie rod, are used 25mm * 25mm square tube, these materials are ready after the welding.And the bottom of each column need to weld 10mm thick feet, so that a column basically completed; drawer panel production is relatively complex:The back of the panel need to bend a few millimeters to prevent the mold from the back of the fall; after bending stand, the chassis is 50 * 50 angle welded iron, about two chutes, chute is bent by the steel.Standard drawer mold frame chute is 4mm thickness, to bend into about 60 mm C-shaped mouth shape, points on both sides, while the column of upright also need left and right chute.The chute on the column needs to punch, cut, and each chute has a safety screw hole, but also need to be good work.At the bottom of the left chute there is an insurance red ball, used to locate the drawer panel.After the chassis is done, and then paved the panel, drawer panel is basically good.Some customers will specifically require the front of the drawer panel is also welded a square iron, to prevent the mold slide (this is a special requirement, the price naturally more expensive)


After these step finishing, but also do fixed frame. There are two types of model shelf with sky hoist or without sky hoist: the need for a crane to punch on the top of the fixed frame, used to install the crane slipway and square iron if with sky hoist.

And then finished processing, including grinding:they need clean up the welding slag and drawer panel grinding area is relatively large, and need careful to finish this process. The first is the front of the panel needs to be flat, both sides of the chute incision with winger need to polish smooth.And the upright,chute,and so on we need to handle well.After polishing,we need to polished the appearance of treatment.Before painting to be rust, if it is paint, you need to pickling.

Finally,the appearance of painting, and once paint is dried, we can assembled the mold shelf.We should to be set according to the customer hole installed on the chune to the column, the drawer panel also need to install the bearings, and so these processing is completed, you can install the transport to the customer for installation.

Mold rack in the production at the same time, including some accessories also need to deal with, fixed frame screws, screws have to set, each set of mold racks need to have a little more screws, absolutely not less, some less outside the hardware store is to buy No, for example, insurance red ball.


The above is the mold of the production process, an open system, the system is mature or not which is  mainly reflected in the product on the good or bad. We are in a professional focus on the spirit, for you to create the best mold shelves