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The Proper Use Of The Pallet

The proper use of the pallet should be done by placing the package code on the pallet with the appropriate strapping and wrapping to facilitate the use of mechanical handling and transport to meet loading and unloading, transport and storage requirements. The load capacity of each pallet should be less than or equal to 2 tons. For the safety of transport, the center of gravity of the cargo shall not exceed two-thirds of the width of the pallet. According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods contained in the tray and the size of the tray, a reasonable way to determine the way the goods on the tray - the pallet bearing surface area utilization should generally not less than 80%.

The way in which the pallet cargo is placed as follows:

1.              Wood, paper and metal containers and other rigid monolithic goods single or multi-layer staggered code put, stretch or shrink packaging;

2.              Paper or fibrous goods single or multi-layer staggered code put, with a bundle of ten Yu closure;

3.              Sealed metal containers and other cylindrical products single or multi-layer code put, with wood cover reinforcement;

4.              Need to carry out moisture, water and other protective paper products, textile goods single or multi-layer staggered code put, stretch or shrink packaging or increase the angle of support, cargo cover partitions to strengthen the structure;

5.              Fragile goods single or multi-layer code to increase the wood support baffle structure;

6.              Metal Bottle Cylinders Containers or Goods Single Layer Vertical Code Increased Box to Reinforced Strip Structure;

7.              Bags are stacked in multiple layers.