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The Size Information Of Metal Steel Pallet

Pallets - Chinese name card board - English name pallet card board.The type is metal steel pallet ,9 feets steel pallet,industrial steel pallet,double side steel pallet and so on.

The card board has a wooden card board, plastic pallets, paper card board, plastic pallets, iron card board.

The domestic standard specifications are: 1200L * 1000W, 1100L * 1100W

The  EUR standard specification of steel pallet:1000*1200mm,1200*1200mm,1000*1100mm,1200*800mm

The Australia size is :1140*1140mm,1067*1067mm

The America size list:1219*1016mm,1200*1000mm

The Japan,Kerea,Singapo size specification of metal steel pallet is :1100*1100mm

The shape of Sichuan style steel pallet

steel pallet 03.JPG