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The Usage Of Cloth Storage Racks

New Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, the main products are semi-finished warp knitted fabric, and the final product printed cloth. The company is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport only 20 minutes by car, the location is very convenient. After 22 years of unremitting efforts, has now developed into a large domestic professional manufacturing Lycra fabric, mesh cloth fabric, mattress fabrics and special industrial fabric manufacturers.

The main products: fabric,color cloth, mainly by order and stocking production。

Number of warehouses: 5, mainly for the warehouse,there are some three-dimensionalshelf warehouse.

The clothing shelf is used for fabric storage.

The amount of fabric is more and more. Warehousing equipment for the Guangzhou fabric manufacturers customers designed cloth shelves, is specifically designed for the clothing industry, a special warehouse shelves, originated in the beam-type shelves. It is tailored according to the requirements of the cloth volume of the goods, load-bearing capacity, simple structure. With the use of cloth cages, to maximize the use of space.

According to the height of the customer warehouse design cloth shelves, the storage shelf design to the warehouse full height, so that the warehouse no longer redundant space. With the use of cloth cages, the cloth stored in the cloth cage, usage for forklifts out of the goods. And the cloth cage surrounded by sideways, so that the cloth in the transport process will not move. To ensure that the storage and transportation process which will not be because of the volume of goods and the production of shaking, then can improve the work efficiency.

The first floor of the shelves can be stored directly to the cloth cage, the first layer to reduce a layer of beams, direct savings in the cost of shelves. And the first layer can be completed to achieve artificial tally, when a small amount of goods into and out of time, do not use the forklift, artificial direct handling. Convenient, time-saving and worry-free!

Warehouse for customers tailored cloth shelves, according to the customer's actual situation, size, weight of the goods designed cloth shelves, making the shelf load to the normal level, in the case of appropriate materials to meet the storage of goods, making shelf materials Waste, and fully save the cost of storage. If not a custom shelf, there can be expected to load 3 tons of goods, the actual load-bearing 1 ton of goods, then the remaining 2 tons of shelf material is a complete cost of waste!

In the cloth shelves posted on the cloth number label, to protect the warehouse staff, especially the forklift driver, in the channel to understand the storage of goods cloth, so that the warehouse to do a glance. In the usual cloth into and out, but also reduce the access to the wrong situation.