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The Usage Of Driver In Racking System

The overall depth of the shelves is preferably controlled within 6 pallet depths, and the two sides (the middle area can be picked up on both sides) The total depth of the shelf area Preferably within 12 pallet depths, to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access (in such a shelf system, the forklift is a "high lift" operation, the forklift is rocking and hitting the shelf, so the stability Consider whether it is important or not).

The accessory of the accessory shelves includes: the main connecting pieces of the legs and the pillars of the legs, the single and double sides), the corolla (the main support shelves for the goods), the top beams (the connection of the shelves (The front of the shelf), the protection rail (forklift into the roadway) When the shelf protection) and so on.

 Such a storage system is weak, the shelf should not be too high, usually should be controlled within 10 meters, and in order to strengthen the stability of the entire shelf system, in addition to specifications, selection to be larger, but also to add a tensile device.

Single cargo should not be too large, too heavy, usually within 1500KG weight control, tray span should not be greater than 1.5 meters. Often with forklift for the forward battery forklift or counterweight battery forklift.

As the storage of goods due to the storage of more intensive, high stability requirements, so the need for more shelf accessories, accessories and shelves through the column of the connection, so that the goods can be safely stored in the cow legs, the largest The extent of the use of space.