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The Use Of Shelves Is Not Normal Of Mezznaine Floor

Feb 18, 2018

The use of shelves is not normal of mezzanine floor

We talk about the use of shelves We all know very simple, straightforward is to store some of the goods, and many customers say that we can weld the shelf. In fact, their own welding is not necessarily durable and materials will certainly have a lot of waste. The key is to rent a chartered flat for many clients or a charterer's site. If you want to change a factory or mobile shelves are very difficult, so we need to produce shelves.


I specifically talk about a few personal opinions, you can save a lot of space for you to take full advantage of the warehouse area. Second, since the space utilization of the province is the quality of the province, Shenzhen Brother shelf plant from the construction we have been based on the quality, to develop convenient, easy to use shelves. Some customers said: Who do not say their own shelf is good, but we have certification and customer word of mouth. The third in use, the factory warehouse and other places, as well as libraries, stationery shop.


Recently, I read a Louis Koo music and big S play a movie "keep the call" and saw that I suddenly found that they fight scene is inside the warehouse and is in the shelf over the movie, this time I almost called out Because exactly the same as our company's heavy shelves.

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