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Two Days For Team Travel From Lihzbrack Storage

Jul 25, 2018

Two days for team travel from lihzbrack storage -in China.

Huang Tengxia rafting - enjoy unforgettable and wonderful drifting

After 50 minutes of stimulation drifting

At the end of the journey storage racking supplier.

The heart is still plopping and hopping

At this point, follow the river and slow down

Can also experience a hand

"Let's play in the water"

Qingyuan Longtengxia drifting is located in Shima Town, Qingxin District, Qingyuan City. The rafting river is a natural canyon river channel. We can enjoy the thrill of stimulating and safe drifting, enjoying the wonderful experience of drifting in the natural ecological environment.

Check in at the hotel and the day is over!