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What Are The Basic Common Sense Of Medicine Shelves?

Jul 11, 2017

Warehouse shelves are more and more widely used in the pharmaceutical industry ,pharmaceutical plants need to use what the shelf according to the status of the site and customer needs to customize.

Drug store goods are not very heavy, but in the storage management is very strict above. Must be in accordance with the principle of safety, convenience, saving, and efficient, the right choice of positions, the rational use of warehouse capacity, "five distance" appropriate, stacking norms, reasonable. Medical storage is commonly used in cross-beam shelves.

Medical shelves require the storage of drugs must be in different categories, different formulations and natural properties, classification custody, batch number piling up. According to temperature and humidity requirements stored in the appropriate warehouse.

Now the medical shelves are generally removable, can be their own free combination, and some depending on the use of medical shelves will be equipped with a hook, glass laminates and the like.

General medicine shelves are used high-quality cold-rolled steel welding grinding molding, pickling, washing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other surface treatment, and finally we will show a variety of bright white smooth prices surface.