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What Materials To Clean Up Mold Mold

1. mold frame post: made from equilateral bilateral channel punch, hole distance 50mm distance along a straight line, post holes used to hook plate used. General post adopts the 10# channel, column slash 25*25-pass.
2. mold steel plates: pick cold-rolled steel sheet according to the size that you want the sides bend forming. Drawer bracket 50*50 sheet metal, drawer face with 2MM steel plate.
3. column and steel plates by speed buckle pin and a triangular-type of fix pieces of connections and fixed mold frame. Chute 4MM steel sheet bent into.
Mold rack of course is not a good construction material production, follow-up needs polishing, these products are to be. Pickling and phosphorization, electrostatic spraying and drying process to assemble the finished product. This way will produce the mold frame finished surface, smooth and beautiful. Special instructions here, rack is not dead. Some customers special requirements for several layers of high, in fact, some can on request any fabric will adjust, easy Assembly and disassembly.