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When Unmanned Shelf Outlets Continue

Apr 12, 2018

After half a year financing more than 3 billion, once blooming overnight, had reported the media crazy, once sought after by capital madness, and now there is no more shelves on the market.

If we say that what entrepreneurial projects are the most popular in 2017? There is no doubt that unmanned shelves are one of them and they are sought after by investors. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 30 unfunded shelf financing companies last year, and the total financing amount exceeded 3 billion. However, nowadays, no one is talking about empty shelves, layoffs, and withdrawals! The unmanned shelf that once brought entrepreneurs and investors with unlimited confidence has gone from being an entrepreneurial outlet to layoffs and withdrawals.


In 2017, no-shelf shelves quickly swept all office buildings by the new retail trend. A simple shelf is placed on the goods, posted on the two-dimensional code, the user scan code to get things. This low-threshold venture project has attracted a large influx of entrepreneurs, and this is a new territory for white-collar workers. This is a new business opportunity for investors. The influx of entrepreneurs and investors has created a new business opportunity. The formation of tuyere on unmanned shelves.

After a period of operation, the problem of unmanned shelves was exposed. First, the user has to rely on the self-consciousness of the user to scan things. This is a test of human nature. “We have eaten two unmanned shelves!” revealed a person in charge of an internet startup. As soon as the company's sales team returned to the office to meet, no one was almost swept away. Even if the goods are seriously lost, there is still a pile of unmanned shelf creation companies wishing to settle in their offices.

The “lost” of replenishment links, thefts and missed payments caused by the lack of anti-theft settings, and the challenges to humanity’s business are doomed to fail. In order to control the consumer's cargo damage from the source, the field of unmanned shelves was once caught up in the stalemate of occupying high-quality points, and it also made the selection of goods and scenes of unmanned shelves very limited.

Starting in January 2018, no shelf has ushered in an adjustment period. If Zippo has facilitated the acquisition of 51 snacks, Guo Xiaomei has had a convenient merger with Tomato, the strategy of large players has shrunk, the news of layoffs, layoffs, and the effect of shuffling and syndication Outside criticism has grown louder.

Some analysts believe that, as the attitude of the capital market towards the field of unmanned shelves tends to be calm, many companies already do not have the capital power to further support upgrade iterations. Before finding new stories that can impress investors, they have to stop most outlets. , Focusing on resource maintenance and upgrading of high-quality outlets, most companies located in the tail of the market will have to face closures or mergers and acquisitions after the funds are burned.

The general direction of the unmanned shelf industry is right. How far it can go depends on how its operating model changes and eventually it is an upgrade of the consumer experience. This is the same as the initial online shopping, everyone does not trust. As long as breaking the critical point, it will usher in a big explosion.