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Who Is The Champion Of First Billiards

Oct 27, 2017

To enrich the staff's amateur life, to strengthen the exchange between employees, to create a relaxed and happy home culture, the United States and the public held the first billiards game.This is our first time to hold this game.Our company professional for storage shelves,mezzanine shelfves,storage racks and mezzanine floor.Most of time we pay close attention of the storage shelf.

Players are actively involved in preparing for a job.

An active theme: happy life - happy work

Two activities time: 10.27 pm 2 pm

Three activities Location: Union and the public - canteen on the first floor

Four contestants: a total of eight qualifying players

Duan Hui / Li Honggang / Xu Rong / Lu Hongwei /

He Jinmu / Zeng Zhenqi / Song Dongchang / Wu Longsheng

Five game process:

1. The first game of 8 players selected 4 Board of a winner

2. The second game of four players selected 2 3 Board 2 wins system

3. The second game of two players decided to runner-up

Six game ranking settings

The excited moment.


United States and the public shelves, attention to the development of each employee, each employee is the family and the public state of the family.

 The company has always been around the "fight together, together points, Thanksgiving" Corporate culture to treat every union and the public Of the family, I believe that the Union and the public will be getting better and better, we will be getting better and better, everyone is really good!

The champion is Mr.Duan-Our Boss offer the prize to him.


The second place with big smile


Our Contestant team