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Who Will Be Winner- Union And The First National Billiards Tournament In Lhzbracks

Feb 01, 2018

Who will be winner- Union and the first national billiards tournament in lhzbracks

Lianhezhongbang storage shelf In order to enrich the spare time of employees, strengthen the exchange among employees, and create a relaxed and happy home culture, Lianhe Zhongbang held the first billiards competition.

Players are actively involved in registration ready to go their own play.

A theme of activities: happy life - happy work

Second activity time: 10.22 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon

Three activities Venue: Union and Zhongbang - canteen first floor

Four contestants: a total of eight preliminary qualifier

   Duan Hui / Li Honggang / Xu Rong / Lv Hongwei /

   He Jinmu / Zeng Zhenqi / Song Dongchang / Wu Sheng

Five game process:

    1. The first game 8 players selected 4 innings of a game

    2. The second game four players selected 2 3 wins 2 wins system

    3. The third round of two players decided to runner-up

Six tournament ranking settings

      1 champion

      3rd place

      Participation Award 6blob.png

Cheerleaders and players looked at the game seriously.


The third round - the championship

After the third round of intense duel, the two winners 

Championship runner-up finals. Lee always cheered two contestants Xu Rong Duan Hui.

The first billiard competition was successfully concluded. We are grateful to the company for hosting this event. We would like to thank all the friends for their active participation and congratulations on the good results you have achieved.

Follow-up will host more similar games to enrich everyone's business life. Happy life, happy work.


Lianhe Zhongbang storage shelves, pay attention to the development of each employee, each employee is a joint and all the family, the company has always been around the "fight together, with points, Thanksgiving" corporate culture to treat each of the United and the state Family, I believe the Union and the Zhongbang will get better and better, we will get better and better, everyone is really good!