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Zhongshan Factory Loft, Custom Heavy Duty Rack Storehouse Racking System

Jun 04, 2018

Zhongshan factory loft, custom heavy duty rack storehouse, space corridor, rack, Zhongshan factory loft, custom built 18923316395 factory building, loft building need reasonable design. For indoor construction, it is necessary to carry out force analysis and load analysis on the original building to ensure the safety of construction. Our company has a professional design team, and it can be designed according to your company's condition free of charge. Lianhe and public state professional customization - warehouse attic factory price is affordable, platform height, the number of layers can be planned, unit weight bearing 200kg-1000kg, site size free review, design, configuration of stairs, slide Road, lifting platform, forklift, load-bearing column thickening. According to the overall planning of the size of the warehouse, customer needs, costs, and personalized requirements, let customers know their needs and choose different solutions. You can also measure the door and print out the graphic design and the effect diagram. We can make corresponding quotations and time limits according to the drawings. Let you have your own unique warehouse, make your warehouse bigger and brighter and have more storage.

1. Zhongshan factory loft full assembly structure, optional combination, installation and disassembly is convenient and flexible.

2. The loft column of Zhongshan workshop is a fabricated structure. The steel beam and the column are connected by the steel buckle card, and the safety key is locked to prevent the falling off.

3, Zhongshan workshop attic shelf material cross section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the bearing capacity.

4. The loft column of Zhongshan factory building is equipped with 50mm adjustment hole distance. It can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.

5. The connection between the adjacent supporting columns of the attic of Zhongshan factory building can be strengthened with the support between the columns, the bottom of the column and the ground can be used in conjunction with the ground, so as to improve the safety and reliability.