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Zhongshan New Project For Warehouse Design Of VAN Racking System

Feb 19, 2018

Zhuhai Attic shelf custom consulting (18923316395) Zhuhai shelf custom factory (United and Zhongbang) Zhuhai, Zhuhai, specializing in the production shelves custom shelves, Zhuhai custom shelves, Zhuhai shelves custom, heavy portfolio shelves, warehouse portfolio shelves, Disassembled, up and down adjustable 50MM, elegant appearance.

1. Attic shelves can enhance shelf height, make full use of storage height, make better use of storage space. 

2. Attic shelves floor laying steel shelves for the special buckle, carrying capacity, good overall, layer load evenly, the surface smooth, easy to lock and so on.

3. Attic shelves full consideration of humane logistics, beautiful design, generous structure. Assembly and installation, easy disassembly, flexible design based on the field. 

4. Floor design based on a variety of installation customization, easy assembly in the field, without welding. Attic shelves are suitable for storing many types of items. 

5. The choice of goods from the upper and lower floors of the truck, hydraulic lifts, freight elevators and other means; the same level of goods transport is usually done using a small trolley. 1, the structure of the warehouse type and mode of operation; 2, to determine the warehouse size and warehouse layout, regional division; 3, to understand the management of goods, you can use ABC classification management analysis; 4, determine the form of cargo units, Weight; 5, to determine the mechanical handling equipment models and parameters;

6, the system's plan

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