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Zhongshan Warehouse Loft Export Free CAD Design Shelf Warehouse

May 26, 2018

Zhongshan warehouse loft export free CAD design shelf warehouse Zhongshan warehouse loft shelf factory 18923316395 attic shelf three-dimensional service. Hardware, electrical appliances factory loft building first shelf manufacturers. It has a professional technology and advanced and complete profile rolling, shelf processing, acid washing phosphating, baking paint processing, surface spray production line, and a professional construction and installation and quick and convenient post sale service team.

The company selects the high quality raw materials, and is committed to the design, manufacture and installation of all kinds of adjustable assembly storage shelves, roadway type shelves, through type shelves, mobile shelves, gravity shelving and material appliances. It is widely used in all kinds of shopping malls, factories, mines, banks, institutions, medicine, storage and transportation, culture and education, library, exhibition hall and other walks of life. The medium shelf has beautiful appearance and wide use area, and split and mix directly between the shelves. The medium shelf can be divided into medium A shelf, medium B shelf and medium C shelf according to the heavy load weight of each layer, and the heavy load in each layer is about 200-800kg. In the warehouses of small and medium-sized enterprises, they are well adapted to light industrial products, civilian products and bulk products. The vertical columns of the middle shelf are trapezoid hole, butterfly hole, diamond hole, eight word hole and so on. These holes have no unified standard, but diamond shaped holes gradually become the main form of shelf.

The quality is supreme, and the user is our friend. "Lianhe Zhong Bang" will continue to provide you with a scientific and reasonable design plan, with high quality products and wholeheartedly serve you.

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