Advantages Of Medium-sized Shelves For Warehouse Stocking

Advantages Of Medium-sized Shelves For Warehouse Stocking
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The advantages of medium-sized shelves

1, all assembled structure, random combination, installation, disassembly convenient and flexible.

2, column for the assembly structure, the beam and the column between the use of steel buckle card inserted connection, and set a safety lock to prevent falling off.

3, shelf material cross-section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the bearing capacity.

4, column with 60mm adjustment hole spacing, can be adjusted according to the level of goods.

5, adjacent to the back of the column can be used between the columns to strengthen the connection, the bottom of the column and the ground can be used with the nail to improve safety and reliability.

6, suitable for the general manpower or stowage, and storage large enterprises usage.

The  project of storage mid-shelf

Medium-duty shelf6.29.jpg

More project of longspan shelf made in China.


The certification of storage shelf

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