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China slippery shelves first in first out storage shelf supplier

The first-in first-out shelf also known as slippery shelves, referred to as the flow of the shelf, and bar line, wire rod accessories and rails and other components of the assembly of a detachable shelf.

Principle the first-in first-out shelf is equipped with a slide rail, which depends on the sliding and inclination of the slide rail and the gravity of the material itself.

The material can be automatically slid and the goods are placed on the rollers from the top of the slopes with the slope. Automatic decline, the use of one side of the channel inventory, the other side of the channel pick up. Can be achieved first-in first-out, a replenishment picking many times.

The advantage of slippery shelves

1.Practical use of the first-in first-out shelf supply of materials can save manpower and material escort efficiency, help improve work efficiency, speed up the production line speed.

2.The goods are tilted down in the direction of the goods, and the goods are slid down under the action of gravity to realize the first-in, first-out and easy access to the goods.

3. It is suitable for the conversion of the processes on both sides of the assembly line, the picking operations of the distribution center, Labels, to achieve the information management of goods, reduce inventory waste and waste disposal.

The first-in first-out shelf has a very important role in logistics warehousing. It has the characteristics of simplicity. It is in line with JIT production mode and can be assembled at random. It can be improved.

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