Cantilever Rack Storage Shelf Manufacturer Warehouse Rack

Cantilever rack has modular structure, easy to install, without welding and can be flexibly adjusted.Cantilever rack is ideal solution for storing bulky, scattered or other special products. It's safe and reliable,efficient storage of wood, pipes, strips and similar products.

Product Details

The cantilever rack adopts special profile column and is equipped with high strength cantilever. Upright post prefabricated double row hole, the hole spacing is 150mm. The cantilever is connected with the column by screws, and can be adjusted up and down at intervals of 150mm. The cantilever shelf uses a double C beam as the front overhang arm, and the cantilever can be single or double sided, single arm can bear 1000kg. The height of top arm height is generally no higher than 3 meters. The spacing between arm and arm is 1-1.5 meters. The column is provided with cross tie bars to increase the stability of the shelf. The cantilever shelves have special advantages for the storage of wood, pipes, strips, ring-shaped materials and irregular materials.

The features of cantilever racking:

(1)     Modular structure, easy to install, without welding, can be flexibly adjusted,safe and reliable;

(2)     Good load capacity,cantilever shelving is suitable for low and small warehouse;

(3)     General forklift operation can be used, but wider channel is required;

(4)     Specifications, dimensions and carrying capacity depend on requirements of customer, cantilever racks are mainly suitable for the storage of long, ring and irregular goods;

(5)       Convenient management, wide vision. The utilization rate is higher compared with pallet rack.