Drive-in Rack High Density Storage Economical

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Product Details

Drive-in Rack is no channel segmentation, successional and integral type shelf. Pallet access mode, On the supporting rail, the pallets are stretched in the direction of the track, one followed by one, increased storage density and improved space utilization. Because the forklift needs to enter the internal access of goods shelves, usually unilateral pickup recommended no more than 7 rack depth. Balance weight and forklift can be conveniently into the middle shelf corridor to access goods. Due to large storage density, the cost is relatively low of drive-in shelf. Drive-in racking is suitable for the condition that the variety is less, the quantity is larger, and the goods access mode can be reserved,it’s used to store large quantities of the same type of goods. Because of its large storage density, and the high utilization ratio of the ground space, drive-in shelving often used in cold storage, food, tobacco and other storage space higher cost warehouse.

Features of drive-in racking:

(1)The goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf, and follow the principle of "first save, take later".

(2)Compared with pallet rack, the warehouse utilization of drive-in rack can reach around 80%. Storage space utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, it is the highest storage efficiency of the shelf.

(3)Due to cancellation of the aisle between the rows of shelves, combining the shelves together, the storing capacity of drive in shelving is almost double than ordinary pallet shelving in the same space to achieve high-density storage effect.

(4)Drive-in rack is very suitable for those few kinds of goods but large amount of storage and application. The fork truck is free to enter the corridor between the shelves so that the warehouse can be made maximum use

(5)It is suitable for storing large quantity, little variety goods and batch operation. Large capacity storage in small space, drive-in racking is the most recommended and ideal shelf system engineering.