Hardware Storage Shelf Business Item Steel Industrial Racking

hardware business warehouse products more complex, if the customer warehouse is high enough, we recommend the customer to do the attic shelf combination. The attic shelf is a simple shelf that takes full advantage of the upper floors of the warehouse. Build an intermediate attic on existing...

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Hardware storage shelf Business Item steel industrial racking manufacturers.

Attic-style shelves use more cold-rolled steel floor, the overall structure of the assembly type, without on-site welding, the overall appearance, generous. Compared with concrete structure or steel structure, the bottom shelf itself has the support function of the upper floor, which has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization. And loft-style shelves in the storage rack storage, strong ability, integrity, load uniformity, accuracy, surface roughness, easy to lock and other advantages.

Item for shelf optionsize mmThickness mmSpare m㎡Weight KG/m
Double upright Post90*140*2.02.00 2523.96
100*140*2.02.00 2624.43
120*140*2.02.00 2625.53
Step beam 60*40*22*1.31.30 1651.94
60*40*22*1.51.50 1651.94
Box Beam50*25*1.31.30 /1.368
50*30*1.51.50 /2.136
50*50*1.31.40 /2.136
60*40*1.41.40 /2.136
80*40*1.41.40 /2.576
100*50*2.02.00 /4.71
Double C Beam75*50*1.31.30 1753.3
75*50*1.51.50 1754.12
90*50*1.31.30 1903.6
105*50*1.61.60 2053.86
120*50*1.61.60 2205.18
135*50*1.61.60 2355.53
150*50*1.61.60 2525.93
150*50*2.02.00 2527.91
160*50*2.02.00 2628.23
180*50*2.02.00 2828.86
200*50*2.02.00 3029.48
230*50*2.02.00 33210.42
Steel Panel for                 Mezzanine Floor200*2.02.00 2824.43
200*2.52.50 2825.53
250*2.02.00 3325.21
250*2.52.50 3326.52
H/D Branch for shelf30*15*1.3mm1.30 /0.57
30*25*1.3mm1.30 /1
30*25*1.6mm1.60 /1.23


Because of the long span(6m) between uprights, T-steel mezzanine floor can be used in display hall, office and warehouse to enlarge and make full use of the space. It is just like a multi-level house. You can enjoy the function of house and meanwhile save the money.

The mezzanine floor for Led light manufacture,solar lighting factory and storage shelf.


 The mezzanine floor for lighting in Henglang zhongshan City Guangdong China.


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