Medium Duty Rack Long Span Shelving

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Product Details

The medium duty rack column is made of cold rolled steel plate by special cold bending forming machine, and the upright of the shelf column is double punching holes. The rack column hole is used for hanging the cross beam, the two posts of the shelf are opposite and the two upright posts are assembled into an upright post group of the shelf. Medium-sized rack beams generally use "P" type tubes and square tubes. "P" type pipe is commonly called "ladder beam", the height of the ladder matches the height of the panel of medium duty shelf. After all parts of the medium duty shelving are well processed and forming, all of them should be treated by grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and so on. Then, the finished products will be assembled. Medium duty racking height can be adjusted by 50mm, easy and convenient to install and disassemble. The medium-sized shelves are firm and strong, and the bearing capacity is large. The loading capacity of each layer is 200 - 800KG. Long span shelving is suitable for large and small warehouse storage of goods and widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises, warehouses and institutions.

The features of medium-duty rack:

(1)     Convenient to accessing goods, one hundred percent of the selection capacity, smooth flow of inventory;

(2)     The goods in the warehouse shelves are clear at a glance and easy to inventory, division, measurement and other warehousing management;

(3)     All the metal parts of the shelves are treated with rust proof, and the surface is sprayed with static electricity;

(4)     It can meet the needs of large quantity of goods and varieties of storage and centralized management;

(5)     The material consumption is small, the possible loss of the goods in the storage link is reduced and to meet the modern enterprise low-cost, low loss, high efficiency of the logistics supply chain management needs

(6)     Large bearing capacity, uneasy deformation, reliable connection and easy disassembly and assembly.