Radio Shuttle Racking Steel Storage Shelves

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The Radio Shuttle Racking is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. Warehousing shelves are widely used in different factory such as lighting factory,Electrical appliances racks,Water heater racks.

When the goods are in stock, the goods will be placed at the front end of the roadway guide at the rack by the forklift, the shuttle vehicles carried by radio remote control will carry the pallets and the goods will be transported on the rails. When taking the goods, the shuttle cart moves the pallet deep inside the shelf to the front of the shelf, and then removes the pallet from the shelf with a forklift. Shuttle channel racking are suitable for industries with small varieties and large quantities, such as food, drinks, chemicals, tobacco, etc.

The features of radio shuttle rack system:

(1)     Shuttle cart: A shuttle cart can be placed in different roadways through a forklift, and a shuttle cart can be shared in a number of roadways.

(2)     High-density storage: Warehouse utilization is up to 80%. In the same area of the warehouse, the volume of the shuttle shelf is twice that of the ordinary shelf.

(3)     High efficiency: The shuttle cart runs automatically, and a worker can operate multiple shuttle carts at the same time, greatly reducing the waiting time of the operation.

(4)     Flexible operation mode: Access to goods can be first-in first-out or first save, take later.

(5)     High safety factor: The structure of radio shuttle cart racking is very stable, and when the goods are accessed and stored, the fork truck only needs to operate outside the shelf, and the utility model does not need to drive the inside of the shelf, so as to avoid the collision between the shelf and the fork truck, and make the storage work safe and fast.

(6)     The lighting requirements are relatively low, saving storage costs.

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