Selling Safe & Reliable Mold Shelf A Good Helper For Saving Space

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Product Details

The Mold Shelf is mainly used for storing all kinds of mold, such as plastic mold, metal mold, die-casting mold, powder metallurgy mold, extrusion mold, etc., Mold shelves can generally be divided into standard mold shelf and heavy duty mold shelf. The top can be equipped with movable sky to facilitate lifting the mold.

The features of mold racking:

(1)     Safe and reliable, additional safety devices;

(2)     The mold rack is easy to operate, adopts combination of bearings, sliding balance and a separate hanging device;

(3)     Save space, each grid can put more sets of molds to facilitate the maintenance and management of molds, a mold shelving can store dozens of sets of small and medium-sized mold;

(4)     Simple structure, mold to take removable structure, all accessories can be any combination, up and down interval, easy to disassemble, transport and assembly;

(5)     Drawer type mold shelf can bear 800-2000KG each drawer, semi open mold shelf can bear 1000-3000kg each layer;

(6)     Mold racking pumping board after loading easily pumping, the upper and lower intervals at random adjustment, coordination with the pulley and manual hoist can be easily and quickly complete the access work;

(7)     Can be adjusted and used alone ,free to connect, easy to install;

(8)     The structure is scientific and reasonable. Assembled and molded according to requirements, it’s firm and reliable, high safety.