Clothing Pallet Storage Rack Combined Shelf

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Clothing Pallet Storage Rack Combined Shelf Factory

Clothing shelves is known as garment storage pallet racks are often used in the garment industry and are the necessary storage equipment for storing fabrics and finished garments.

Cloth shelf features:

1, The whole assembly structure, free combination, installation, easy and flexible demolition.

2, The board has a choice of wood and steel plate.

3, The column height of every 50mm has a adjustable pitch, according to the level of the use of goods to adjust the level.

4, Each beam has two safety keys, to prevent the beam moving or loose.

5, With 2 mm thick feet close the column, so that the column gravity dispersion, and can be fixed with the nail on the ground.

Cloth shelf specific parameters:

Regular size (L * W * H) :1830*1220*2000mm

Cross section (mm):60*30*2.0mm

Load bearing (kg):1000kg

Standard layer number:3

Square tube:80 * 40 * 2.0mm

Cloth shelves according to customer specifications set different depth, and the choice of different sizes of columns, beams support, so as to help customers placed a different cloth.