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Mobile Shelf (cabinet) structure

1. Mobile Shelf is a storage of information, save the storage of information files on the site, is the most practical and practical file storage tool.

2. The use of ground laying track, turntable movement, opening and closing freely.

3. All steel, steel plate after bending, touch welding, the surface from powder.

This Moving containers combination can be customized according to the layout of the venue, we will design for you. They can not only saves the site, more cost savings. The cabinet is mainly composed of nine parts: track, frame, chassis, panel, door panel, catalog card and transmission device.

1, The track includes the track and rail.

2, Frame including columns, hanging plate, shelf, divider, dust board. A pillar that supports the entire frame,

Hanging plate: between the shelf and the shelf, from the support of the fixed role;shelf, storage file information flat panel; divider bar: for the separation of double-sided storage of information in the middle, to prevent confusion; dust board: on The top of the frame is mainly used for dust proof.

3, The transmission device includes: chain, gear, hand plate, bearings, rollers, lock.

4, The chassis mainly used to support the base of the frame.

5, The sealing device to prevent the cabinet when the cabinet due to the impact of damage, but also can reduce the impact of the body when opening and closing the noise generated by anti-collision, dust, moisture, noise,

6, The steel moving container combination panel: including the inside of the board, the outer side, and the door

7, The roof, the top of the cabinet body.

8, The directory card: located in the side of the cabinet board, used to place the file classification information card;

9, The anti-down device placed in the rail above, used to secure the cabinet, to prevent the stacking cabinet dumping.


1, Saving space the use of more than can take full advantage of the Treasury space.

2,It is easy assembly easy to transport, installation and removal.

3, The beautiful structure beautifully designed, smooth lines, the Treasury clean and beautiful.

4, The light operation: smooth operation, layer distance can be adjusted freely, suitable for manual storage operations.

5, Security protection: side frame with a lock, for the overall lock, with good dust, rodent control, moisture and fire protection.

Intensive cabinet usage:

Intensive cabinets can adapt to a small amount of small, small volume of low-frequency products.It is often used in museums, libraries, archives, hospitals, banks, schools and other enterprises.

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