?metal Warehouse Shelves Storage System

?metal Warehouse Shelves Storage System
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Metal warehouse shelves can use for light factory,solar storage system and so on.

Medium shelf classification (Type A, Type B)

) In the A-type shelves

No bolt design, easy installation, reliable structure. Use steel plate, column, beam, whole

Shelf does not use bolted connection, easy installation and disassembly. Using the main, vice connection form, strong stability.

In the A-type shelf features:

1. Easy to install, the use of bolts, with the main, vice connection form, with a strong stability.

2.Medium-sized shelves at the top, bottom, frame connecting rods, column trays, chips and plugs are fully fixed with pins, easy to operate.

3. Bearing capacity of the relative length of the maximum load of 300kg / layer. Laminates can press 50mm.

The pitch is free to adjust up and down.

1.Shelf surface rust, spray treatment

2.The surface color can be based on the customer's choice, the overall shelf is beautiful and durable.

3.A column of the relevant specifications are: 55 × 45 × 1.5 mm special rack of the configuration file.

4.The use of high-quality steel rolling machine automatically punching Kaiping, according to the customer specified height cut off.

5.The trays are made of high quality cold plate.

6.The plate is made of high quality cold plate, sub-section, Kaiping bending and welding reinforcement.

7.No bolt connection, easy assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, and can be assembled multi-shelf.

8.In the B-type shelves

9.Using cooling plate Q235 steel.

And manufacturing high quality. Use beams and columns with the connector and the beam in the form of the frame. Applicable to man-made goods. B

Medium-sized shelves for various industries,

Low cost, safety, reliability, assembly and disassembly are very simple. Can be used alone, can also be used in combination.

In the B-type shelf features:

Medium-sized shelf B-type for various industries, low cost, safe and reliable,

Assembly and disassembly is very simple, can be used with the main, sub-frame with the assembly can also be used alone.

The prjoect for furniture storage in 6 floor thanks.