Workbench Shelf Combination For Warehouse

Workbench Shelf Combination For Warehouse
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Warehouse is usually used to store and manage items, so usually will use the shelves, especially heavy shelves, so not only save space,but also to prevent damage to the items.  

In many production plants, the most usage is some of the workstations with the shelves.

For a business company, in the production operations. For the product design, assembly, packaging and other links, It is the need to use the worktable shelves combination to help us achieve.

According to the use of the division, the general can be divided into clean bench, lean tube workstations, anti-static workstations; according to the size of the load capacity.It can be divided into heavy workstations, light workstations and so on.

Advantages of shelf workstations

1. Shelf with the table free combination, very suitable for assembly line operations.

2. Can be free to disassemble, according to the need for free combination.

3. According to their own needs to use the time to rational layout of the workshop warehouse.

4.The use of a full modular structure, assembly and disassembly is simple, fast, flexible application。

Shelf in modern logistics activities, plays a very important role in the modernization of warehouse management, and the types of shelves, functions have a direct relationship. Shelf is a kind of rack structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, expand storage capacity. The goods stored in the shelves, not squeeze each other, the material loss is small, can guarantee the function of the material itself, reduce the loss of goods.Storage shelves in the goods, access convenience, easy to inventory and measurement, can be done first-in first out. To ensure the quality of storage of goods, you can take moisture dust, security, anti-sabotage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage. Many of the new shelf structure and function is conducive to the realization of the mechanization of warehouses and automated management.