Two Double Deep Storage Pallet Rack

This storage shelf of pallet rack,two deep pallet storage shelf

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2 double deep pallet racks save your storage save your money

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Pallet Racking is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes therefore maximizing valuable storage space in your warehouse.  As the owner or lessee of a warehouse you realize that you are paying for every square foot of space and to not maximize that space is a waste of money.  

The style of pallet rack can be used for a variety of storage applications including selective pallet storage racks, narrow aisle selective, bulk  storage, carpet storage, drum storage, cable reel storage, marine boat storage, retail racks, rack supported mezzanines and pick modules.


The raw materials of pallet rack

1. Upright Column for steel pallet racks and can design for you base on different size

For Pallet rack    Upright height all adjustment at 2”(50mm)




This style are the design panel from our company for 15 years experience.

Pallet rack upright.jpg

Beam of steel pallet racking


1. Beam of steel pallet racking

based on capacity different weight choose different beam

 DoubleC beam.jpg

Storage mezzanine racks design team-Free design and quotation service

1.We only need size of warehouse(Length*Width*Height)

2.Capacity weight of beam

3.Storage shelf

The project of storage pallet racks-This project is we design for a client who's factory in Cambodia.Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.


The Deep pallet heavy duty rack for client in Thailand.


15 Years Honer Certification

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Our storage solution solve Team