Heavy-duty Pallet Racks Equipment

Heavy-duty Pallet Racks Equipment
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China Heavy-duty Pallet Racks Equipment Manufacture

The heavy-duty storage shelf is made of upright post,cross beam,and you can match with support spacer,Steel mesh board and safety iron mesh,and Safety rails and other auxiliary accessories.

The Column: There are two columns and brackets, diagonal brackets and connected by special screws. The beams of storage rack system can be adjusted up and down in 50 mm increments.

The beams of two bar cards welded together with the beam bar, the beam bar with two special C-shaped steel bite from the structure of the beam.The beams on the upper and lower sides of the material thickness doubled, so that the beam bearing the direction of the moment of inertia greatly enhanced.This pallet storage shelf can make full use of beam load capacity, with a light weight, bearing large, good economic characteristics.

The advantages for Chinese pallet racks

1.The beam shelf also specifically designed the anti-shedding insurance pins connected to the posts to ensure safety.

2.Steel pallet  beam shelf is more popular, more economical, the most widely used in a shelf form with security.

3.The rak penyimpanan shelf has a 100% picking property, especially for a wide variety of pallet warehouses.

4.The capacity for pallet should be up to 1000kg or more capacity.

When you choose heavy-duty storage pallet shelf,we should be consider the size of the tray (or bin), the weight of the cargo, and the number of layers to determine the appropriate columns and beam.Then,we can design suitable pallet racks for your warehouse and help you save the space save money.

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