Cold Storage Racks System For Warehouse

Cold Storage Racks System For Warehouse
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Cold storage can be no exaggeration with the "high cost of land" to describe, select the appropriate shelf system for customers with every cubic meter, to achieve the maximum utilization of the warehouse is the shelf supply enterprises need to focus on factors.

The following is a few common types of cold storage shelves: library frame one: library frame is an ideal high storage system, the warehouse roof and side walls directly on the shelves, eliminating the construction of the warehouse. Warehouse utilization is highest, long-term return on investment is also the highest. At the same time, the technical requirements for the shelves are also high.

Shuttle Shelf System: A complete high-density storage system consisting of shuttle tray shelves, shuttle cars and forklifts. This efficient storage approach, to improve the efficiency of the warehouse space to bring a new choice.

Shuttle shelf system is currently very popular semi-automated system, can achieve a low investment under the semi-automatic cold storage. At the same time can also be combined with Zimu car, stacking machine, warehouse management software into a small and medium-sized shuttle three-dimensional warehouse system.

Entry-shelf system: the traditional high-density storage system, forklift into the shelves to access the tray, these trays are placed on the cantilever rail, you can move in the shelf system. This system is relatively minimal investment, but the requirements of the forklift workers is relatively high, for the relatively large flow of cold storage, may require more forklift operators to operate.

Of course, there are other types of shelves, such as double deep pallet racks, push-back shelves, gravitational systems, depending on the customer's different requirements. In general, there is no best, only the most suitable.