Drawer-style Storage Shelf For 800kg Capacity Per Layer Supplier

Drawer-style Storage Shelf For 800kg Capacity Per Layer Supplier
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Drawer-style shelves evolved from the heavy-duty pallet shelf .The mold storage shelf usually used to store mold and other heavy objects, and the scene and no suitable forklift available. Combined with the assembly, bolt-linked shelf structure, the shelf height is generally 2.5m below, in addition to the top layer of several layers can be designed into a drawer-style structure.It is safe and reliable, it can easily draw up to 2000kg / layer of goods, supplemented by traffic Or gourd hanging, easy access to goods access operations. Such shelves are mainly used for storage of mold and other special places.

The drawer shelf is very easy to use, 200-500kg mold or other heavier things can be considered with this drawer shelf, and it can be easily submitted out.

Drawer-style shelf can be list as full-open drawer-style shelves and semi-open drawer-style racking and so on. Fully open shelf extraction rate of up to 95%, semi-open shelf extraction rate of up to 50%.

The mold shelves are composed of columns and rods. The guide grooves are mounted on the columns, fixed up and down with the beams, and then the drawer discs are installed in the guide grooves, with good limit pins and guide rails. The frame of the drawer is usually made of rectangular tube and 4.0 bending piece. Guide groove with 4.0

The steel plate is bent. Top, bottom with beam connection, the top of the roof, roof can store item.Light mold shelves with 100 × 50mmC steel as a dedicated column, column from the high-quality Q235 strip by rolling mill made of a one-time rolling. Heavy-duty mold racks are made of heavy-duty shelves as a whole frame, with guide rails and drawers on the shelf column. General column need not less than 90 × 70 column. The whole component to do after the black embryo by shot blasting, rust, spray the last surface treatment process, after the completion of packaging can be shipped.

We can made suitable storage shelf based on storage shelf help you save storage save money.

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