Drive-in Pallet Racks High Density Heavy Duty Racking System

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Drive-In Pallet Racks High Density Heavy Duty Racking System

1. Describe: Drive-in Rack is mainly using pallet to storage and suitable for storage varieties of a single and large quantities of goods. Compared with the pallet racking, the utilization rate can be up to 80%.At the same time increase 30% warehouse space.

The Drive-in Racking stock and carry the goods by forklift. In order to improve the operation speed for forklift,we can follow actual need to select the applicable guide rail. On the support guide rail, the pallet storage according to the depth direction, one by one. The goods stocking carry by the same side to access. First in after out, after in first out, the matched forklift is easy to drive into the middle of pathway to access the goods. It is lower cost, usually applicable to the mass quantity, larger size, and single goods.

2. Feature:

1)Drive-In Pallet racking is suitable for the low inventory of storage.

2)Its can provide selectivity of 20-30%

3)It is suitable for the low access rate warehouse.

4)Improve the used rate of the ground at 60% in the storage warehouse.

3.Application area: Apply for any case storage and warehouse.

4.After-sales service: We are obliged to provide operation training for the sake of your better using the system.