Furniture Heavy Cantilevered Shelves

Furniture Heavy Cantilevered Shelves
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Furniture factory heavy cantilevered shelves

Heavy Cantilever Rack Shelf appearance features: generally divided into single and double-sided, light cantilevered shelves for the people type shelf structure column structure, cantilever shorter, height for the staff delivery height, lighter load, cantilever length is generally 800mm.

Cantilever shelves are mainly used for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. Such as profiles, pipes, plates, etc., and more suitable for machinery manufacturing and building materials industry.

The load is 500kg / arm or less; heavy-duty cantilevered shelves with channel steel, I-beam or bending C-shaped steel column -type structure, can be done very high, cantilever length up to 2000mm or so, the use of forklift goods. Layers can also be laid.

The project of our cantilever racks for tube storage 


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