Gravity Storage Racking Conveyor Racks

Gravity Storage Racking Conveyor Racks
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Gravity racking belongs to the heavy-duty racking and evolved from the pallet racking. The depth and layers of gravity rackings as the client's requestment to design.Gravity racking are FIFO storage way, the depth and layer depend on demand.Gravity racking is one of the Pallet Racking derivatives, they have similar structure, only difference is install drum-type pathway and the pathway showing  3-5 ° inclined. The goods were carried by the forklift to the racking entrance and the goods would be used the self-weight auto-slide from import to the other side of pickup export. Gravity racking is suitable for the few varieties and mass of same kind of goods storage racking,  so then have high space utilization.


1, The goods were stored in high, and slide to low-end , take out from the low end. In the process of sliding, the goods will keeping the the safe range, as setting dampers in the slid pathway and control the slip speed by goods. Setting the separator in the end of slid pathway, handling machinery can be smooth take out the goods of first plat.
2, The goods follow First-In, First-Out sequence. The racking with high storage density and flexible function.
3, This kind of racking is suitable for use the pallet to loading goods to stored, the goods neatly stacked, and provide the better storage sulotion for the heavy-duty and big goods. The utilization rate of warehouse space is up to 75%, and only need one carry channel.
4, The Gravity racking is one kind of environment protection racking, is mainly showing unpowered form, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, can full load operation.