Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Racks

Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Racks
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Steel storage rack systems

Industrial Warehouse Storage Steel Teardrop Beam Heavy DutyPallet Rack Storage rack manufacturer.

Storage Pallet rack is also called  beam rack. It often come out to be heavy duty type and is the most conventional rack. Pallet rack can both store multi-veriety goods with small quantity and also unified goods with big quantity. Pallet rack is widely used in high warehouses. 


1.The most popular and economical racking in warehouse;

2.Upright is formed by high-quality cold rolled steel, with an omega shaped section and hole distance 50mm or 75mm or 76.2mm;

3.Box beam or step beam used. Beam can be freely adjusted by pitch 50mm or 75mm or 76.2mm;

4.Connection of the upright and beam is by wedging, equipped with safety pin to make sure of the safety;

5.Rich accessories: upright protector, guide rail, frame barrier, row spacer, wire decks, steel shelf, etc.;

6.Stable structure, large loading capacity, convenient sorting;

7.Compatible with most type of handling equipment and building structures;

8.First level pallets can be placed on the floor.