Heavy -duty Radio Shuttle Racking System Warehouse Storage

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Product Details

Radio Shuttle Racking system consists of supporting rack, shuttle rails and a Radio shuttle cart ( Also Called Pallet Runner or Pallet Mole) . The Radio shuttle cart runs  on the rails and is propelled by an electric motor. It also has a platform on the top that can lift up and down. The lifting action is required to lift a pallet that is placed on the rail and then the electric motor moves the cart with the pallet on top into the rack in order to deposit the pallet in its right position.                                                                                                                                                                                         When the pallet is required, the cart moves in under the pallet, lifts it and bring it to the front of the rack where it can be retrieved by a forklift.  All the movements of the shuttle cart are controlled with a hand held remote control. the shuttle cart is placed in the desired land with forklift.Pallet Shuttle Racking sistem is used in pallet racks.


1) Goods can be stored in the warehouses with highest density and low cost.

2 ) Storage Style: FIFO or FILO, optional tunnel picking.

3 ) As each pallet only needs to be positioned at the beginning of the deep lane storage it increases efficiency within operation.

4 ) Better safety and anti-seismic performance than drive in racks.

5 ) Technical Specifications.

6 ) Nominal Loading capacity: 500kgs~1200kgs

7 ) Running Speed: Max.1.1M/S.

8 ) Opeartion Methods: To be operated manually or vehicle- mounted or Radio remote control .

9 ) Temperature in the freezer: -30°C.

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