Warehousing Shelves Heavy-duty Drive In Racks

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Warehousing shelves are widely used in different factory such as lighting factory,Electrical appliances racks,Water heater racks.

There are many names of corridor shelves shelf, commonly used through shelf, drive in style shelves, straight into shelves, drive in shelves.It is the items can be directly into the middle of the shelves. It has one of the biggest features is to improve the picking rate, save the warehouse area, make full use of the available space of the warehouse.

For the clients, the ultimate goal is to use the smallest pay to get the greatest benefits in the choice of shelves. When businesses are not only consider the most suitable for their own goods shelves, as well as the most comprehensive shelves, that is, they think the high cost Shelf plan. For businesses, it is very cost-effective for large quantities of goods to choose into the shelves, because the entry-shelf can maximize the use of the warehouse, do not need to leave a dedicated channel for the forklift.

The advantage of shelf,

1,The Treasury utilization is higher, the shelves do not need to stay for the forklift dedicated channel;

2, Because each channel can be arranged on both sides of the depth of the goods, so you can arrange more inventory positions;

3, Can adapt to various types of goods, according to the size of the requirements of the adjustment of beam height to meet the different storage size requirements.

4, The overall structure of the shelf strength is better;

5, The unit cost of goods is low it can help you save money.

Although there are many advantages into the shelf, but things have their double-sided, there must be some shortcomings of the drive in shelves:

1, The shelf for bulk cargo access, but the first-in first-out requirements are higher, small quantities, many varieties of goods is not suitable.

2, The choice of forklifts are limited, the general requirements of the forklift width is small, walking vertical and stable Better sex.

Into the structure of the characteristics of the shelf: shelf advantages and disadvantages to a large extent and the structure of the shelf, into the structure of the shelf features are the following:

1. On the support rails, the tray is stored in the depth direction, one immediately followed, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. Cargo access from the same side of the shelves, the first to take after the balance and forward forklift truck can be easily into the middle of the shelves of access to goods, without taking up multiple channels.

3. This shelf for storage of large quantities, less variety of goods.

4. Entrance-type full-plug-in assembly structure, the column for the assembly structure, the total depth of the wall area of the shelves can be designed up to seven within the depth of the tray, the middle area can be both sides of the total depth of the shelves are usually 9 Pallet depth to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

The entry-shelf is not only able to save the warehouse area, but also the cost is relatively low, the product cost is high, from the security point of view, sub-shelf system should not be too high, It usually should be controlled within 10 meters, you can also configure some components to apply, Shelf safety. The forklift is free to access the corridor between the shelves and maximize the use of the warehouse, according to the actual needs of the configuration guide track.