Industrial Cantilever Storage Racks

Industrial Cantilever Storage Racks
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industrial cantilever storage racks

Cantilever racks are designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads - ideal for timber or metal storage. Our cantilever rack systems are an effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions.

Structure of Cantilever Racking. 

Column, Base, Arm, Bracings

Determinant of Cantilever Racking design

1. The weight of your goods

2. The dimension of your goods together with pallets ( Length  Width Height )

3. The dimension of your warehouse

4. The path of the transportation

Advantages of Cantilever Racking
  1. Cantilever racking system is optimal for the storage of long-shaped and bulky materials, profiles, pipe, timber and moulding etc;

 2.Constructed of structural H steel and traditionsl roll-formed style both are avaliable 

3.Single and double sided configuration available;

4.Different column and arm sizes available to suit various loading requirement;

5.Bolted arm and base connection;

6.Surface treatment:Spray-painting

7.Packing: Neutral paper box or in bulk or upon clients requirements

Cantilever rack product details

1.The column and a cantilever with a cotter pin with stable

2.Thickening  the cantilever and strong bearing capacity

3.Screw and bar tightened with screws

4.The surface is washed by acid, phosphating static plastic powder spraying, after high temperature disposal to make it and steel plate have cross separation, corrosion protection and rust prevention, consolidation and durability.

Cantilever rack for industrial storage rack

Cantilever rack roll-formed type is specially designed to store items of various length,such as mental beams, pipes, timbers, wooden boards,mental and plastic and so-on. Cantilever rack consists of column, base, arm and connecting bracing. Single side and double side are both available. Column height can be up to 6000mm and arm length is better to be within 1000mm. Arm can be adjusted by a pitch of 100mm. The cantilever rack can be of light duty type, medium duty type, heavy duty type.

H beam cantilever rack is also called structural cantilever rack,mainly consists of column, base, arm, straight brace and "X" brace. Columns has three options and can be up to 6000mm. Arm can be made as long as 1800mm and adjusted by a pitch of 101.6mm. H beam cantilever rack can bear loads than roll-formed type. Nowadays, H beam cantilever rack is more and more popular in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and so on.