Industrial Hardware Drawer Die Storage Racks In Stock

Industrial Hardware Drawer Die Storage Racks In Stock
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Industrial hardware drawer die storage racks factory in stock

Three grid four layer drawer mold frame and Five grid four layer drawer mold racking.The industrial hardware die storage racks is used in hardware area,electronic products and plastic products and other kinds of goods widely.

The standard three grid four layer die racks details as below:

The specification:H2000*D615*L3100mm,800mm/grid.
The loading capacity for Heavy duty die storage racks:800-1000kg/drawer face plate.
The drawer pulls out 65%.
Safe and reliable additional insurance devices.

The operation is portable with bearing combination, sliding balance and independent lifting device.
The area covers an area of 1.8 square meters, which can hold dozens of small and medium sized molds.
The structure is simple, assembled by a variety of composite parts, which facilitate the removal of transportation and assembly.


Technical parameters of die shelf:
The combination:Upright is made of 10#channel steel,The column slant is made of 30 * 30mm box steel bar.The Drawer mold racking of drawer plank supports 40 * 60 flat tong, drawer panel USES 2.5 MM steel plate.The slabs are made of 8 # channel steel.The bearing of 6305 # mold.The color can be customized.
Appliance area: apply for cloth or hardware factory to stacking molds or other factory.
After sale: 10 years warranty