Industrial Material Steel Storage Racks

Industrial Material Steel Storage Racks
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industrial material steel storage racks



  1. Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually.

  2. Rapid handling of almost all types of palletised goods.

  3. Infinitely adjustable and offering a wide range of options and components to accommodate specialized needs.

  4. Maximizes space use in any warehouse configuration while retaining optimum product  accessibility.

  5. Ideal for warehouses, which need to keep a wide variety of products, convenient for stock management.

  6. Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.

  7. Bottom level of pallets can be stored on the floor, lowering structure costs.

  8. Compatible with many material handling equipments.


  1. Color and size can be extended and adjusted according to you requirement;

  2. High quality and good appearance;

  3. This type of rack has good loading ability and can be assembled and disesteemed easily;

  4. Apply to handle the pallet goods by forklift;

  5. The reliable and efficient service before and after deal;

Optional Components

1. Row spacer,  create distance between two rows of your pallet racks. This allows you to keep all of the rows of pallet racks organized, in-line, and spaced evenly. The quantity of row spacers needed depends on the height of the uprights. 

2. Pallet supporting bars, for pallets that are not large enough to fit on a pallet rack shelving level, pallet supporting bars will provide the needed extra platform base. Typically, each pallet location need two pallet supporting bars.

3. Upright protectors, by adding increased protection for your storage system, upright protectors preserve the condition and structural strength of your racking. Our typical upright protector is designed with long lasting steel and easily bolted to the floor for structural support.

4. Wiremesh decks, wiremesh decks add utility to your storage unit by providing further stability for pallets stored on the racking. Decking can also be helpful for preserving stray products that may come out of boxes or cartons. 

5. Upright frame barrier, protect the upright frames from damage by the forklift trucks