Industrial Storage Steel Square Beam Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Powder Coated Heavy Duty Warehouse Storage Steel Selective Pallet Rack The pallet is used with the forklift. 1.To follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the storage shelves; 3, the material can not be overloaded, the goods on the tray should be placed on the specification, to avoid falling goods on the shelf

Product Details

Industrial Warehouse Storage Steel Teardrop Beam Heavy DutyPallet Rack Storage rack manufacturer.

Storage Pallet rack is also called  beam rack. It often come out to be heavy duty type and is the most conventional rack. Pallet rack can both store multi-veriety goods with small quantity and also unified goods with big quantity. Pallet rack is widely used in high warehouses. 

Pallet rack can desaign based on your storage shelf.


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------Normally response you within 24 hrs, we will reply you once we saw it.
3. Service after selling?
-----We can offer service after selling by your requested, and quote for you based upon your demand.
4. Free Service time?
----- One year as the normal service time ,as free service offered by us.
5. What’s the packaging of the products?
----- steel belt+plastic film wrapped, easy loading and unloading with standard forklift truck or pallet jack.

6. You couldn't find the right model from the products list, is custom size available?
----- We build products to your specifications.

Please kindly provide the below to us for quotation:

 1. CAD drawing draft

 2. Size of your warehouse

 3. Width, height, length of the shelf

 4. How many layers you want

 5. Loading capacity of each layer

 6. RAL color

Product pictures:


Selective pallet rack (2).jpg