Lhzb Pallet Rack Selective Cross Beam Racks Storage Racking System

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Pallet Rack

1.Describe: Cross-beam Pallet Rack use the pallet to loading goods, apply to all kinds of warehouse and is used widely. It is low requirement for the carry equipment and low price for shelf and strong universality. Each pallet can access individually. It can be freely adjusted the height of the beam, increase or decrease the number of layers flexibly, and especially suitable for the user who changes the size of pallet frequently .


1)Pallet Racking, with simply structure, safe and reliable, easy to installation and remove.

2)Storage operation is very convenient and fast, can storage any kind of goods, the   forklift can be going to any position to operate stocking.

3)Each layer can be adjustable with 50mm.

4)Strong loading capacity, strong shock resistance, each layer max load capacity is 5000kg.

5)The height of single upright frame can be reach 12 meters.The pallet racking can combine with the mold shelves, mezzanine and platform.It also can be customized into special oil drum rack and tyre rack.

3.Application area: Industrial warehouse, storage place, store and other place.

4.After-sales service: We are obliged to provide operation training for the sake of your better using the system.

5.Product pictures: