Medium-sized Shelves Standard Appearance

Medium-sized Shelves Standard Appearance
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Medium-sized shelves Standard appearance, wide range of applications, easy installation and removal, 75mm pitch adjustment, carried in the 100 ㎏ ~ 350 ㎏; non-standard large-span large load, 75mm pitch adjustment of the appearance of novel, carried in 300 ㎏ ~ 1000 ㎏ . Medium-sized shelves solid, strong carrying capacity, medium-sized shelves are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses and institutions. Usually divided into the amount of A-type shelves, in the amount of B-type shelves and in the amount of C-shelf.

 Generally can disassembly combinations, laminates height can be adjusted; load-bearing layer bearing 200-800 kg; all metal parts shelves after rust-proof treatment, the appearance of electrostatic spraying; medium-sized shelves for large, medium and small warehouses to store goods. In the practical application of sub-A-type shelves and B-type shelves. A-type shelves in the bolt-free design, easy installation, reliable structure. The use of steel plates, columns, beams, the entire shelf is not bolted, easy installation and removal. 

Adopt the main and auxiliary connection form, strong stability. In the A-type shelf features: easy to install, the use of bolts, with the main form of vice connection, with strong stability. Medium shelf top, bottom, frame connecting rod, column column tray, chip and plug full pin fixed, easy to operate.

The maximum load at a relative length of load-bearing strength of 300 kg / layer. Laminates can be freely adjusted up and down 50mm pitch. Shelf surface rust, spray treatment. Surface color can be based on customer's choice, the shelf overall nice and durable. 

A column of the relevant specifications are: 55 × 5.5 × 1.5 mm special rack column profile.

 High-quality steel rolling machine automatically punched Kaiping, cut off according to customer specified height

MaterialCold rolled steel Q235 SS400
FunctionWarehouse Storage
ColorBlue/Orange/Grey white
OEM & ODMDesign based on Client's warehouse
Free SampleFree design solution
Layers3-5layers /As Required
Capacity1000-1500kg/pallet /As Required
Pallets quantity5-10 pallets/rows or based on your needs
Pallet size1000*1200,1200*1200,1000*1000 etc                                                   or based on your reqirements
Weight Capacity1000-1500kgs per pallet
Height3m-6m or According to your needs
WidthAccording to your needs
Thikness of steel1.3/1.6/2.0mm
Height of shelf3000-5000mm or according to your reqirements
Main Martket South Africa, Ameria,India,Domestic,Vietnam, Cambodia ect.



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